F*ck new

Our new merch with a radically different approach to ''new''.

75 unique pieces


Instead of using new textiles for our 'new' merchandise line we decided to do something radically different. We used pre-loved textiles. This is not only drastically reducing the footprint of a piece of clothing you're buying new but also the price. We believe price is a key factor in making sustainable fashion accessible for everyone. But be quick, we only have 75 unique pieces!

The process


To ensure the quality of our merchandise we carefully selected the best second-hand garments based on material, fitting and color. We hand-picked 75 unique pieces. Every item is washed by us.


Our new tagline "Fuck New" defines te core of our mission at WEAR. We strive to make a sustainable option available for everyone. Friend of the brand and our favorite artist Reinier Landwehr visualized this tagline in a timeless design.


The designs were heat pressed onto the garments, giving them a new look and feel for this limited merchandise line. Each piece was individually photographed and measured to help you find the perfect fit.


150 million KGs of textiles are thrown away every year in The Netherlands alone. Only 15% is being reused. By using pre-loved textiles for our merchandise line, we want to make second hand your first choice!


Limited to 75 unique pieces in different sizes and colors.