WEAR to Zero

Join us on our mission towards a more sustainable & inclusive industry

Hey there,

We love that you've joined us on our mission towards a more sustainable future! At WEAR, we're highly invested in giving footwear a second life.

We collect sneakers that are thrown away on a large scale. These sneakers are not ready to be recycled yet, so it's important to reuse them first!

Nobody likes a dirty old sneaker. The same goes for secondhand footwear. However, by cleaning them from the inside out we make sure they look as new again and make social impact with our cleaning partner.

Looks are important, but ergonomics are essential. That's why we replace the used insoles with our WEAR recycled insoles. So they feel brand new and are ready for a second life.

Let's rethink the industry together and explore new possibilties to accelerate change.

We're more than happy to share our thoughts on a more sustainable future. Shoot us a message via info@wear-store.nl